Mooinjer Veggey (Little People)
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MV logoMooinjer Veggey's main aim is to provide a happy and relaxed atmosphere in which children can learn Manx through play, songs and games. The emphasis is on building the child's confidence and self-esteem in a high quality, stimulating environment.
MV logoMooinjer Veggey is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, run by a management committee. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
MV logoPhilosophy - Mooinjer Veggey believes that it is important to help children at a crucial early years stage to become more rounded, responsible citizens who identify with their community and Island.

Essentially Mooinjer Veggey groups provide children with a high quality, stimulating and enjoyable environment through which they can develop positive social, physical, learning and communicative skills.

Mooinjer Veggey groups also provide opportunities for children to learn specifically about the Isle of Man, its people and their culture, helping them to develop their personal and cultural identity.

MV logoMooinjer Veggey is an organisation which was formed specifically to support the development of Manx Gaelic and much of the drive and initiative behind the organisation comes from this Manx Gaelic root.

Mooinjer Veggey believes that all preschool and primary children in the Isle of Man should have the opportunity to learn about the Manx language and its associated culture.

MV logoMooinjer Veggey recognises that children between the ages of three and eight can pick up two languages as easily as one, when placed in the right environment and given suitable encouragement.

We aim to provide both the environment and the encouragement to enable young children to benefit from the generally accepted educational advantages of being bilingual (English/Manx speaking).
MV logoMooinjer Veggey is committed to providing good pre-school practice in all its groups. Staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which encourages play as an integral part of learning.

All play underpins the delivery of the EYFS and the development and learning for young children. All activities are planned to develop childrens learning with some being adult led and some child initiated. The adults provide appropriate support and stimulation to each child.
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dot Ballasalla
red dot Braddan
Manx-medium Primary School
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MV logoMooinjer Veggey believes that being bilingual from an early age:

red dot helps develop mental agility keenness and alertness;
red dot develops improved communication and language skills;
red dot helps and encourages the learning of other languages to a higher level and more quickly
red dot learning through a second language, as at Mooinjer Veggey, children can reach levels of fluency which cannot be approached by formal language teaching in schools.

Mooinjer Veggey considers that there is no better preparation for a multilingual world than having two languages in your own life and community.
Children at Mooinjer Veggey Children at Mooinjer Veggey
Registered in the Isle of Man No. 100649C. Registered as a charity No. 793. A company limited by guarantee.
Registered Office: 42 Broogh Wyllin, Kirk Michael IM6 1HU
Directors: PA Gawne, S. Shimmin, S. Loach, C. Glynn-Riley, R. Long, J. Martin.