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Frequently asked questions  

What is Mooinjer Veggey?
MV is an educational charity, which exists to promote knowledge and use of Manx Gaelic to children from early years upward. Since 1996, its main focus has been to provide quality playgroups and nurseries where children are exposed to Manx Gaelic, and more recently in supporting the Manx language school at St Johns, Bunscoill Ghaelgagh.  Mooinjer Veggey is a Registered Charity and a Company limited by guarantee. It is run by a voluntary committee of individuals interested in supporting the Manx language. It employs qualified early years staff in its groups.

How are the nurseries run?
The nurseries are run independently from the school although they may be on school premises. In each setting Mooinjer Veggey employ a Nursery Manager and Nursery Assistant both qualified or working towards level 3 in Early Years. At Braddan and Ballasalla we are registered for children from aged two years until the time they start school. The adult:child ratio is 2:16 at Ballasalla and 2:10 at Braddan. Staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum in a relaxed and friendly way.

How do the children learn Manx?
At all our groups children learn Manx through daily routines and songs and rhymes.
This happens as part of the normal daily activities in a very relaxed manner. The same phrases are repeated constantly so children quickly learn what to do and how to express their needs.

How much Manx do staff have?
We employ staff who already have Manx or are committed to learning it and using it in the groups. Each group follows the Mooinjer Veggey Curriculum and the children all learn simple songs, rhymes and basic phrases.

How do children respond to the Manx?
Most respond very well and all enjoy the rhymes and songs. Some go on to speak simple phrases. Using English /Manx half and half sentences is a common stage some children go through on their way to becoming fluent. Other children, who attend regularly, understand a remarkable amount of Manx but may say little at first. All children are gently encouraged to do what they can. They are never told off for using English.

I do not speak any Manx. Is that a problem?
No, very few of our parents do. Many children enjoy teaching their parents though and if you were interested we can certainly point you in the right direction! Staff at Mooinjer Veggey are always keen to help parents even if it’s just to tell you how to say moghrey mie / good morning. CDs of songs/ basic phrases are available for interested parents to use at home as well as a free App ‘Roie Mygeayrt’ which is available for Apple and Android. Our termly newsletters keep you informed of what goes on.

Why learn Manx?
Learning Manx at such an early age can lead to an interest in other languages later.
Learning Manx is fun.
Learning even a few words and phrases in Manx is both empowering and exciting.
Learning some Manx helps to great a sense of place and belonging.
If your child was later to attend the Bunscoill, where the whole curriculum is delivered through Manx, then there would be a wide range of educational, linguistic, academic and health benefits associated with bi-lingual education. This initiative is run by Mooinjer Veggey In partnership with the DEC. It is open to any children whose parents wish them to attend and it follows a similar curriculum to those in English speaking classes. Reports from parents of pupils attending are excellent.
To learn more about the Manx language please visit

Where can I find Mooinjer Veggey nurseries?
There are Mooinjer Veggey Nursery classes in units at:
Ballasalla, in a unit in school grounds, session time: 8.30 or 9.00 – 12.00.
Braddan at the School House, session time: 8.30 or 9.15- 12.15.

What happens to the Manx they know when they go to school?
Knowledge of the language will not disappear but may lie dormant for a while. At present your child can choose to learn Manx in primary school in Key Stage 2 (juniors) and can go on to study Manx to GCSE and A level equivalent at secondary school.

Who do I contact?
Braddan: Nursery Manager on 429478 or
Ballasalla: Nursery Manager on 234183 or
Bunscoill Ghaelgagh: 803330 or
General Enquiries: MV Secretary, Dot on 870078 or
You are always very welcome to visit any of our establishments (term times only).

How can I find out what goes on in the groups?
All our staff are friendly and will be happy to talk to you about your child’s day at nursery. The sessions usually involve the children choosing from planned and free choice activities. There is a short session around register time that is more structured. Children get a chance to join in with Manx rhymes and songs here. After snack time there is usual a different type of activity on offer. Children have the opportunity to go outside to ride on bikes, scooters and engage in other activities. Usually children have the chance to get involved in something messy be it paint, sand or mud- so be prepared!

How do the nurseries prepare children for school?
Our staff do not force a formal curriculum on any child so you won’t find children pouring over worksheets. However, a tremendous amount of learning goes on through play. At Mooinjer Veggey, children will learn how to listen to others, how to take turns, how to make choices for themselves; skills which will help them to make the most of the primary curriculum when the time comes. ‘Play underpins all development and learning for young children’ (EYFS).

How do I pay fees?
We normally send you a bill for the whole term in advance. This bill is based on which sessions you have told us you wish your child to attend. At the beginning of term you pay the Manager at each group and she will give you a receipt. (Any cheques should be made out to Mooinjer Veggey.) If you cannot pay the termly bill in a lump sum at the beginning of term, you must talk to the Manager to arrange to pay half-termly or monthly, in advance. If you receive a reminder about fees due, please do act on it immediately as we may not be able to guarantee your child keeps his / her place otherwise.

What happens if I cant afford my child to attend?
There is a Pre-School Credit Scheme made available to all parents. Please contact:
or telephone: 685808.

What happens if my child is ill?
Please keep sick children away from nursery, as we have no facilities to look after them. We are sorry we cannot administer any medication. If your child has any allergies please do inform the Manager and make sure you fill in the relevant medical information on the registration form. We must have parents’ permission to administer inhalers/ epi-pens. Please remember to keep us updated with the names and numbers of people we can contact should your child become sick during nursery.

What happens if my child misses sessions due to illness/ holidays?
Unfortunately we cannot refund fees paid if a child is absent due to illness or any other reason. This is because we still have to pay out the same staff wages and other overheads whether or not your child attends session.

What policies does Mooinjer Veggey have?
In line with all good playgroups and nurseries, Mooinjer Veggey staff run the groups in accordance with a number of written policies and procedures. These are the same whichever group your child attends. They range from the obvious but essential such as dealing with fire hazards to other less obvious but important matters such as ensuring your children are treated fairly. You are welcome to read the policy file, which will be available on display at the nurseries.

How is the Safeguarding (Child Protection) Policy implemented?
We would like parents / carers to read the following section carefully.
Our staff have attended Safeguarding courses at which we have been informed by the DHSC about our legal requirements should we have any suspicions of child abuse. In line with other nurseries, we have been issued with a copy of the procedures that we must follow in such a case. In the case of suspected physical or sexual abuse, Mooinjer Veggey staff would be obliged to bring this to the attention of the Social Services, but we would notify parents of this. We are aware that there is often a reasonable explanation for injury, but you will understand the need to err on the side of caution. This is not designed to hound parents, but to protect children at risk.

What if I am dissatisfied with the way something is run?
We work hard to gain the confidence of parents / carers and we take the care of their children seriously. However, on rare occasions there may be differences of opinion about how particular incidents have been handled.
Our staff are advised to abide by Mooinjer Veggey policy at all times, but if you feel unhappy about the way something is dealt with, the first thing to do is to bring it up with the Manager who will attempt to explain matters or investigate matters further. Most issues can be resolved quickly and easily at this stage.

Dot Saunders, Secretary of Mooinjer Veggey, oversees the running of the nurseries and will happily explain the policy should you have a further query. Contact her on 870078 or
If you still feel dissatisfied we have a written Complaints Procedure.

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Registered in the Isle of Man No. 100649C. Registered as a charity No. 793. A company limited by guarantee.
Registered Office: 42 Broogh Wyllin, Kirk Michael IM6 1HU
Directors: PA Gawne, S. Shimmin, S. Loach, C. Glynn-Riley, R. Long, J. Martin.