Mooinjer Veggey (Little People)
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Frequently asked questions For general queries please use this contact form

Please contact the nurseries and school by email or by phone.

Ballasalla nursery: or 234183    
Braddan nursery:
or 429478
Bunscoill Ghaelgagh:
or 803330

Dot Saunders - management committee secretary.
If you have any queries or if you are interested in joining the committee or fund raising please contact Dot

The committee is responsible for making policy decisions for M.V. as a whole, as well as dealing with issues raised at all our establishments.

You are always very welcome to visit any of our establishments during term time. Contact the Nursery managers or Secretary.

Phil Gawne MHK is chairman of Mooinjer Veggey and along with the management committee is responsible for overall policy and direction of the organisation.
Children at Mooinjer Veggey Children at Mooinjer Veggey
Registered in the Isle of Man No. 100649C. Registered as a charity No. 793. A company limited by guarantee.
Registered Office: 42 Broogh Wyllin, Kirk Michael IM6 1HU
Directors: PA Gawne, S. Shimmin, S. Loach, C. Glynn-Riley, R. Long, J. Martin.